SSA 2019 has ended
Science, Society, and the Arts at Washington & Lee University, March 15-16th, 2019

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Friday, March 15

5:00pm EDT

7:30pm EDT

8:30pm EDT

10:00pm EDT

Saturday, March 16

9:30am EDT

10:00am EDT

Colloquium: "A Universe from Nothing" by Lawrence M. Krauss Payne 107Leader: Tom McClain Colloquium: "Becoming" by Michelle Obama Elrod 206Leader: Rossella Gabriele Colloquium: "Belonging: A German Reckons with History and Home" by Nora Krug Payne 117Leaders: Deborah Miranda and Chris Gavaler Colloquium: "Black Panther" (2018) Hillel 203Leader: Leia Barrow Colloquium: "Blade Runner 2049" (2017) Newcomb 304Leader: Thuan Tran Colloquium: "Call Me by Your Name" by Andre Aciman Elrod 116Leader: David Galvez Colloquium: "Caucasia" by Danzy Senna Elrod 214Leader: Virginia Kettles Colloquium: "Dirty Computer" by Janelle Monae Newcomb 120Leader: Caleb Dance Colloquium: "Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom" by David W. Blight Newcomb 310Leader: Stephan Fafatas Colloquium: "Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger" by Rebecca Traister CGL 123Leader: Sarah Horowitz Colloquium: "My Life as a Foreign Country: A Memoir" by Brian Turner Washington Hall 218Leader: Paul Youngman Colloquium: "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen Leyburn M11Leaders: Erich Uffelman and Taylor Walle Colloquium: "Shame: How America's Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country" by Shelby Steele Elrod 114Leader: Marc Conner Colloquium: "Sharp Objects" HBO mini-series Leyburn M42Leader: Anna Daccache Colloquium: "Spirit of Intimacy: Ancient Teachings in the Ways of Relationships" by Sobonfu Some Payne 212Leaders: MaKayla Lorick and Amber Cooper Colloquium: "Strength to Love" by Martin Luther King Jr. Elrod 216Leader: Howard Pickett Colloquium: "Summer" by Karl Ove Knausgaard Hillel 102Leader: Jake Sirota Colloquium: "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle CGL 103Leader: Emma Duerstock Colloquium: "The Idiot" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, trans Alan Myers Leyburn M41 (or the sitting area in front of it!)Leaders: Nathan Brewer and Aidan Valente Digital shorts (on continuous loop until 4:00pm) Stackhouse Theater, Elrod CommonsGareth Minson and Kassidy Strosnider • Brooklyne Oliveira and Reggie Zhao • Nick Watson, Caroline Hall, and Jeremiah Kohl • Leah Jackson and Mickie Brown • Sawera Khan and Midha Ahmad

11:00am EDT

12:00pm EDT

2:00pm EDT

Easel 01: Belfast Trailhead Geophysical Study Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterMatt Richards • Chris Messerich • Sloan Warner Easel 02: Mycenaean Chamber Tombs of the Athenian Agora Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterAnna Jepsen Easel 03: Victim or Delinquent?: A Comparative Study of the Response to Underage Sex Workers from the United States and Those Brought from Abroad Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterLauren Morina Easel 04: Does Snacking-Induced Obesity Impact Metabolic Rateand GI Tract Function in Female Rats? Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterHannah Archer • Emily Mason • Tiffany Ko • Carissa Rodriguez • Dr. Helen I'Anson Easel 05: Biosand Water Filtration Project in Belize - Engineering Community Development Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterRyder Babik • Tyler Runge • Griffin Coffey • Anna Soroka • Riwaj Shrestha • Emma Aldrich • Callie Garst Easel 06: CRISPR/Cas9 -mediated gene knockout of WNT inhibitory factor 1 (Wif1) in 293T cells Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterVincent Buckman Easel 07: Pyrethroid Treatment of Xenopus laevis During Early Development Induces Morphological Abnormalities and Decreased Survival and Locomotor Activity Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterThomas Agostini Easel 08: Reverse Racism: The Impact of Perception of Affirmative Action Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterLisette Bourinet • Rose Maxwell • Trang Duong Easel 09: Working Towards Inducing Expression of Two Candidate Aggregate Glue Proteins in E.coli Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterVirginia Billings • Anna Kreynin • Emma Stoffel • Tyler Lilie • Dr. Ayoub Easel 10: Evolutionary Effects on Memory Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterLayne Nalty • Griffin Foultz Easel 11: Corpus-Based Assessment of Novelty and Diversity in Creativity Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterAlex Dolwick • Josie Hurst • Dr. Dan Johnson Easel 12: Organophosphate Treatment of Xenopus laevis during early development induces abnormalities in the cytoarchitecture of spinal neurons Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterKatherine Degner • Amy Ward • Julio Hidalgo Lopez • Dr. Fiona Watson Easel 13: Summer in Nepal Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterAnukriti Shrestha • Uma Sarwadnya Easel 14: Effects of Fixed-Trial Stimulus Exposures on Exploratory and Avoidance Responding in the Pogonomyrmex occidentalis Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterHannah Witherell • Lauren Hoffman • Emily Ellis Easel 15: The Ancient Graffiti Project Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterTrevor Stalnaker • Abby Nason • Melissa Yorio Easel 16: Associative Learning and Resulting Foraging Behavior in Pogonomyrmex Occidentalis Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterGabe Witherell • Zach Salter Easel 17: Music Tonality Impact on Context-Dependent Memory and Context Congruence when Recalling Emotionally Valent Words Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterBri Karpowich • Jiwon Kim Easel 18: Turkish Nationalism and its Impact on The Reception of Migrants and Minorities Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterStephanie Sezen Easel 19: Muscimol induces object discrimination deficits and hyperexcitation of the rodent hippocampus Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterTara Cooper Easel 20: Genetic Variation in the Range-Restricted Peaks of Otter Salamander, Plethodon Hubrichti Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterClaire Conarroe Easel 21: Effect of Emotionally Arousing Words on Cognitive Processing Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterAlyssa Bower • Laney Smith • Dr. Wythe Whiting Easel 22: The Dark Triad and Career Choice Motivation Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterJosie Anker Easel 23: Directed Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles under Electric Fields Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterMatt Withers • Elise Baker • Emily Hassid • Cory Morris • Nolan Zunk • Mitchell Roberts • Ben Zeman Easel 24: The Orientalist Discourse and Palestine: The Impact of Orientalism on the Making of British Policy and the Representation of Palestine During the Arab Rebellion in 1936 Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterDoug Malenfant Easel 25: Feminists Confront Sexism Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterIan Gipson • Catherine Peabody Easel 26: Computational Model Successfully Recreates Circadian Rhythms in Spiders and Proposes Best Experimental Practice for in vivo Circadian Experiment Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterAdrian Lam • Dr. Natalia Toporikova • Dr. Nadia Ayoub • Andrew Mah '18 Easel 27: Expression in Spider Gene Cloning of L. hesperus and N. clavipes Through Transformed E. coli Cells Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterTyler Lilie • Wade Patterson Easel 28: Japanese Hospitality Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterSae Inouye • Emi Kanari • Shiori Maekita • Ryoga Minote • Marin Yamashita Easel 29: KUTANI Living in the Modern World Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterAiri Ikeyama • Koji Ogino • Soki Hojo • Ren Masumoto • Kokone Matsuno • Fumie Muryoi Easel 30: Let's Have a Meal of Kanazawa Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterMari Kazama • Miku Kawabe • Tetsu Kuribayashi • Takayuki Nakazono • Kana Funomoto • Eren Yamada Easel 31: One Day Trip in Japan Like a Guide Book Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterYumi Uenaka • Takuto Kasahara • Shohei Takagi • Yuki Dobu • Shintaro Yamaguchi • Ayano Yoshimoto Easel 32: Analysis of Churchill's Rhetoric towards the Soviet Union Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterJimmy Fleck Easel 33: Distracting Effects of Audio and Visual Text Notifications on Attention Kamen Gallery, Lenfest CenterSarah Concepcion • Dr. Wythe Whiting • Courtney Berry • Morgan Patterson Dessert reception Lykes Atrium, Wilson HallFancy desserts, including a dino cake! Visual Arts display Lykes Atrium, Wilson HallLauren Engelbrecht • Callie Garst • Kitanna Hiromasa • Michael Kerr • Becs Licata • Brianna Osaseri • Brittany Osaseri • Mary Helen Powell • Laws Smith • Xinxian Wang

2:15pm EDT

Easel 34: ENVS: Assessing Acid Mine Drainage Remediation at the Morris Creek Watershed Great Hall, Science CenterSarahCate Harrison • Kurt Waibel • Will Rowson Easel 35: ENVS: Sustainability in the Craft Brewing Industry Great Hall, Science CenterElle Chancey • Alison Murtagh • Maxwell Hanamirian Easel 36: ENVS: U.S. Prisons and Inequalities in Environmental Risks and Hazards Great Hall, Science CenterKatherine Cheng Easel 37: ENVS: The relationship between academic curricula pertaining to issues and themes of sustainability and student engagement in campus sustainability at institutions of higher education Great Hall, Science CenterCatherine Savoca Easel 38: ENVS: The Effects of Integrated Reporting on Financial Performance ***ENVS*** Great Hall, Science CenterJimmy Fiume Easel 39: ENVS: Peniel Farm Remediation and Management Proposal: Planning for the Immediate and Long-Term Future​ Great Hall, Science CenterLucas Longo • Thad Jameson • Marshall Wallace Easel 40: ENVS: Environmental Resonances in Pro-Environmental Networks at Washington & Lee Great Hall, Science CenterKat Oakley Easel 41: ENVS: Human Impacts on Ichthyochory in the Brazilian Amazon Great Hall, Science CenterSpencer Alascio Easel 42: ENVS: Single Use Bottles on the W&L Campus Great Hall, Science CenterJenna Troderman • Marta Regn Easel 43: ENVS: Establishing the Basis for Natural Science Exhibits at Natural Bridge State Park -Employing Water Quality Data, GIS, and Science Communication Great Hall, Science CenterKenta Sayama Easel 44: ENVS: Reassessing Washington and Lee’s energy portfolio Great Hall, Science CenterJeremy Abcug Easel 45: ENVS: The effects of dam removal on smallmouth bass populations_ENVS Great Hall, Science CenterDrew Barnard

2:45pm EDT

3:30pm EDT

7:30pm EDT